Kusatsu is situated in the southeastern region of Shiga prefecture, which is famous for Lake Biwa—the largest lake in Japan. Once an inn town in Edo period where the Tokaido and Nakasendo roads met, Kusatsu is a town flourishing with history and culture. Kusatsu Estopia Hotel serves as the central point in Kusatsu—where a profound history has been created through the coming and going of people and commodities, as well as exchanges of information and cultures since ancient times. We are visited by many travelers not only as a base for their exploration of history but also for their visit to Kyoto to enjoy Japanese culture.

We are conveniently located in front of JR Kusatsu Station, which is only 20 minutes by train to Kyoto Station, making our hotel also a perfect stopping point for businesspeople.

We invite you to come and enjoy a relaxing time at our amazing Kusatsu Estopia Hotel, where you can delight in the grand view of the vast Lake Biwa and the mountains of Hiei and Hira lining the far side of the lake from the Sky Banquet rooms.